Grameena Vidya is an Intiative of Center for Training, Research and Development(CTRD)
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Type of Sponsers

Individuals can Adopt-a-school(s) or Adopt-a-village(s). They can sponsor by directly making a payment on the portal, sending a check or by contacting us directly.

They can Adopt-a-School by picking from our list or they can suggest a school. Grameena Vidya team will provide the selected school with smart class hardware, software and curriculum specific content in addition we will train the teachers and provide continuous support each student in the school will also be provided online access to class specific, subject specific multimedia content that is personalized and to help students learn at their own place at home a or anywhere outside school at anytime.

The kind gesture of the donors is immensely appreciate and recognized. The sponsor will receive a thank you gift –

  1. A Glass Plaque.
  2. A certificate of appreciation..
  3. They can avail guided tours of the school if they like to visit.
  4. 2 video calls with the students and administration of the school – most donors feel it is a very fulfilling experience.
  5. Photographs of the smart class rooms and school.
  6. Students’ achievement and outcome information will be forwarded.
  7. Tax benefit documents and more.

All of this information will be made available on the portal dashboard once they log-in.

Government can use Grameena Vidya through their existing programs or launch a new program to take quality learning to the grassroots. This will certainly have tremendous outreach, reduce digital divide and therefore economic and social inequalities, and overcome the constraints of investing in physical infrastructure and contribute to economic growth and social development. Grameena Vidya is willing to partner with Governments on a PPP (Public – Private Partnership) basis.

Corporate businesses can Adopt-a-school or schools or Adopt-a-village either directly or as a part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Businesses can directly contact our representatives to discuss an execution plan.

Corporate Donor – Corporate Social Responsibility

"Education is perhaps the single biggest threat to the future of India’s prosperity."

Grameena Vidya - Champions of Education Program

Grameena Vidya (an initiative of Center for Training, Research and Development – CTRD) innovative Champions of Education program enables a select group of sponsors to help underwrite school’s smart classrooms - digital teaching and learning content, software and administrative technologies. In addition to giving the highest ROI than any other school project, Grameena Vidya Champions of Education program provides educational and motivational content that students, parents and teachers can access in school and at home. Content is class-wise in different subjects, different formats, different languages, and both online and offline anywhere and anytime.

Grameena Vidya carefully selects corporate sponsors in accordance to a strict screening process.

Grameena Vidya provides School, Teaching and Learning Content & Technologies

Grameena Vidya is an Education Services Non Profit Non Government Organization (NGO) that caters to all the needs of K-10 Schools. We provide - a portfolio of curriculum specific teaching and learning digital content and technologies, professional development for teachers and school administrators and continuous support.

We empower rural and inner-city schools to improve communication, collaboration and achievement. Dedicated to serving India’s bottom of the pyramid schools, we are in the business of helping students, teachers, administrators and parents at the grass root level achieve more.

Reducing digital divide and in turn social and economic inequalities is our goal. We believe for a child to compete in the 21st century, technology literacy is as important as general literacy. At Grameena Vidya we believe the most important function of schools is to prepare kids for the 21st century. We believe technology is a kind of amplifier that lets you learn the content faster and lets you master the skills more deeply.

Champions of Education Integrity Policy

Grameena Vidya seeks underwriting relationships only from organizations that embrace high ethical and educational values.

For example, Grameena Vidya will not accept underwriting relationships:

  • from brands of alcohol, tobacco, firearms or other controlled substances;
  • relating to family planning issues;
  • for controversial political or religious issues;
  • for media with age limitations (e.g.: R or A movies; 'parental advisory' music, video or television programming).

In addition, we will require sponsor-related content, other than corporate overview information, that appears on company website to be informational, motivational or educational in nature.

Grameena Vidya reserves the right to amend or discontinue an underwriting relationship at any time.

Corporations or schools interested in learning more about the benefits of the Champions of Education program should contact Grameena Vidya at or Ph: +91 8008 525252