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Transforming rural areas through digital learning is the focus of Adopt-a-village program. This program will provide academic and vocational training to prepare rural students for higher education and careers. All the schools in the villages will get smart class and these audio visual labs will become community learning centers during after school hours.

Therefore, the first step in transforming villages across India is by imparting quality education thru smart classroom and smart schools to the masses in a cost effective way. Digital education will transform villages into model villages that can learn to easily adopt and adapt digital infrastructure, health care, cleanliness, social justice, women empowerment, community services, etc. in the process make their villages into Smart Villages.

This program has proven to have a tremendous impact:

  • Every school in the village will become smart classrooms with digital learning content and digital libraries
  • All the schools in the village can become community centers during after school hours
  • These community centers in villages will allow young children to hone their IT skills and learn vocational software that can will equip them with employable skills.
  • Digital education gives the greatest social ROI than any other Government or private sector project
  • These community centers will become the training grounds for all villagers to pick-up IT skills and in the process reduce digital divide and inequalities.
Hardware Software Content Support Vocational Software1
Interactive Digital Board Curriculum Mapping Engine Classes 1 – 10 (State, CBSE, ICSE curriculum) Teacher Training Adobe Photoshop
Projector Learning Management Systems Mathematics, English, Science & Social Hardware Usage Training & Support Tally Accounting Software
CPU / Digi box Android Software Audio-visual Multi-media content Software Usage Training & Support MS - Office
Supplemental Power Back-up Usage and Achievement App PowerPoint Presentation Content Updates Installation HTML - 5
Key Board and Mouse PL Multi Model Class Notes / Points-to-Remember Printed Collaterals & Reading Material Provision Andriod Software
Cabling, Casing, Wall mount kit and Wiring Online Accounts for Contents Access Worksheets / Skills Proficiency Tests Customer Support – Academic DTP
Multimedia Speakers Cloud based Data Center Virtual Labs Intelligent Reports Vocational Software1
External Storage Device Third Party – Skills Assessment Software Formative and Summative Assessments Call Center – online and mobile support Vocational Software2

Step 1:
Suggest a village you want to donate. Provide details of all the school(s) in the village .

Step 2:
Sponsor in full or start a campaign by covering part of the hardware cost for all the schools in the village.

Step 3:
Donors can (1) Donate in full by Adopting all Schools in the village, (2) Start a campaign and donate the minimum amount that covers the hardware expense for the schools they adopted, other donors can join the campaign and contribute the remaining balance and (3) Donate any amount to Grameena Vidya pool, which will be spent on existing list of beneficiary schools that have no donors as yet.

Step 4:
Donors receive regular reports of their adopted village and school(s) from Grameena Vidya and directly from the beneficiary school administration as well. You can take a tour or interact remotely with the school principal, teachers and students.

Review the Economics of Adopt-a-School Program - Smart Classroom implementation

S. No. Smart Classroom Items Amount /Per Unit(Rs)
1 Curriculum Aligned Content FREE
2 Smart Classroom Hardware 60000
3 Teacher Training 5000
4 Formative Proficiency Test for Learning Skills 20000
5 Online Learning Companion FREE
6 Software FREE
7 Support 15000
8 Vocational Software 10000
    110000 (ONE LAKH RUPEES)