Grameena Vidya is an Intiative of Center for Training, Research and Development(CTRD)
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About Grameena Vidya

Grameena Vidya’s (Rural school Education) Adopt-a-School and Adopt-a-Village programs provide 21st century technology enabled digital smart classrooms and learning solution for rural India. Students and teachers can access learning and teaching resources anytime and anywhere. It provides curriculum specific quality multimedia learning objects, content presented in multiple formats, vocational and learning skills, variety of assessments, software applications, that can complement and supplement school education and career skills of rural and inner-city children. Grameena Vidya is an initiative of “Center for Training, Research and Development,” (CTRD) a non-profit, non-government organization (NGO).



A lot has been achieved in the rural education sector. But the problems persist. Schools have been built, but many still lack teachers and appropriate teaching methods/aids. Access to computers, digital technologies and to customized content can bridge the digital divide between the rural and the urban students. Rural students can learn at the same quick pace as their city brethren. All of this can be done at 1/100th of the cost with very high Return on Investment (ROI) unlike any other project.

For rural children, digital devices – computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. are an ally, a friend, a window to a new world. By empowering students with access to computing and the Internet, the learning experience can be made wholesome. Also digitized content can be used to bridge gaps in instruction at school. Finally, students could learn new skills, and realize their true potential. And, it makes a lot of economic sense as well, as the market is huge; >600,000 villages spread across India. Reducing digital divide will bring about a sea change in social and economic upliftment.